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turn up the joy this season

Fun times creating this spot showcasing the different radio stations you can listen to on SiriusXM over the holidays. It was a pleasure working together with the wonderful team put together by BrandNewSchool.

I was hired as one of the "cel" guys to work on the shots that were more well suited for frame by frame animation, such as the liquid pour in the beginning, the ribbons, the rollerskater and some of the hands, but also got in on some After Effects action in creating the shading for the bells.



Associate Creative Director: Racoon Nook

Designers: Claire Kho, Mercedes Affleck, Imma Almourzaeva, Amelia Chen

Animators: Vincent Raineri, Casper Nykopp, Gerald Mark Soto, Imma Almourzaeva, Sup Yeop, Greg Wilson, Anthony Kim

Storyboards: Ian Slack

Editor: Ebun Bull

Assistant Editor: Ryan Twyford-Rigley, Andrew Polich

Audio Mixer: Tiny Lion Music

CCO: Jonathan Notaro

Managing Partner: Devin Brook

Head of Production: Stella Marie Bird

Producer: Tamara Treu

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