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I was invited by Eido to join a great team in creating this film for Community Solutions` movement; Built For Zero, which aims to address how we ought to end homelessness. 

ending homelessness

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turn up the joy this season


turn up the joy this season

Fun times creating this spot showcasing the different radio stations you can listen to on SiriusXM over the holidays. It was a pleasure working together with the wonderful team put together by BrandNewSchool.


etsy X quickbooks

I was brought in by the awesome team at Eido to animate this fun approach in merging digital vector illustration with handdrawn elements to illustrate a high-level partnership between Etsy and Quickbooks intuit while staying close to the brand of them both.

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50th anniversary

club brugge

farmers. peasants. hayseed. hicks.

Had a lot of fun working with the people at Volstok on a couple of scenes for this piece for Club Brugge, one of the most decorated and supported football clubs in Belgium. 


Superstar 50th anniversary

Had the pleasure of animating some scenes for this piece with the great people at Device, created in honor of the 50 years since the streetwear legend Adidas Superstar was born. 

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