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Casper Nykopp is a freelance animator/illustrator born and raised in the land of a thousand lakes, AKA Finland. An ambitious guy interested in a lot of different things, coupled with a drive to create kick-ass work for projects big and small, while continuously striving to learn and improve.

Having been a competitive athlete for the majority of his life, Casper enjoys working out either by playing various sports, running, weightlifting or on the mats of his local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club.

But when he is not working, weightlifting or being choked out by his fellow wrestling buddies, Casper likes to improve his skills in cooking, guitar, or simply relax with a good movie.

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Studios i´ve worked with:

What you can hire me for:

- 2D animation / cel animation

- Character design

- Illustration

- Animation Direction

- Art Direction